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Rival Software Games and Casinos

Rival Software is one of the newer kids on the block in online gaming. Appearing for the first time in 2006, Rival software exploded on to the scene at a time when a huge change was needed and anticipated. Promoting a new type of “slot game” Rival software introduced their innovative and brilliant “Islots” software, and a new world of online slot games was born. Besides offering their own brand of slot games, Rival casinos also have a variety of video poker, table games and poker games which are small in comparison to their “rival” casinos but in time they should build on their brand of games and surpass some of the other stagnant software providers.

Islots – These new slots are the backbone of Rival Software. Unique and exclusive to only Rival powered casinos, they have opened a new market in online gaming for slot lovers all over and its long been awaited for. These slots are multi payline slot games that included all the great features that most multi payline slots have like “wild symbols – scatter symbols – multipliers – bonus rounds – free spin rounds and more”. Each slot has a coin range of between 1 cent per payline up to $10 per payline and the coin max varies from 2 to 20 coins depending on the game. Besides these favorite features of all online slot players the “Islots” bring a story to the game play. When spinning the reels of an Islot slot, your main purpose is to trigger the bonus round that starts your story. The story in the bonus round is usually themed after the slot itself.

So if you’re playing a slot that has a theme of “bank robbers” then the story that’s in the bonus round will be about that. Each spin in thebbonus round will give you a choice of how to proceed in the story. Your choices and luck will determine the outcome of the Islot story! Each time you hit a bonus round and start a new story your outcome can be different each and every time making each bonus round unique and exciting. All Rival Casinos offer the same brand of slots, and most of them offer a free chip at signup for new players and some really generous deposit bonuses. There are not many Rival casinos when you compare them to other software brand casinos but that may change in the future especially if online gaming becomes legal in the States. Rival Casinos are open for United States players making them one of the most frequented online casinos at this time.

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